Old Pension Scheme Latest News 2022 – Good News for Pensioners

Old pension Scheme latest news 2022 – Today’s article Old pension scheme latest news 2022 is going to be very special for government employees because in this article Old pension scheme latest news 2022 we are going to give you information about the old pension scheme. It has been closed and the government implemented the new pension scheme on January 1, 2004, most of the government employees in this country are in favor of the old pension scheme,

just recently the Punjab government has decided to restore the old pension scheme latest news 2022. If this happens, then along with Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, Punjabi will become the third state to implement the old pension scheme. More information related to Old pension Scheme latest news 2022 is being given to you in this article Old pension Scheme latest news 2022.

Old pension Scheme latest news 2022

Here we are giving you information about the Old Pension Scheme. Under the Old Pension Scheme, such employees are included who had joined the job before January 1, 2004. In the Old Pension Scheme, the employee received pension after working at least 10 years. In this right, half the amount of payment received by the employee at the time of retirement is received in the form of pension after retirement. The payment is received. Dearness allowance is also included in this pension.

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Old Pension yojana latest news 2022 in hindi

Article title Old pension Scheme latest news 2022
Full form of OPS and NPS
  • OPS: Old pension Scheme
  • NPS: New pension Scheme
OPS Abolish on December 2003
Purpose for abolish OPS To reduce the burden of economy
State where OPS launch again Jharkhand , Rajasthan , Punjab, Chhattisgarh
OPS abolished by BJP


Old pension Scheme latest news 2022
Old pension Scheme latest news 2022


Old Pension Scheme notification

Whereas under the New Pension Scheme i.e. NPS, a government employee has to contribute 10% of his salary and his employer also contributes 14%, the same money is invested in the equity market and government securities, then only after retirement is received when. That is, when the employee retires from the government, then 60% of this total amount gets tax free in lump sum and 40% part is converted into annuity, this 40% annuity part works like a pension for that government employee.

Old Pension Scheme states in India

Here let us make it clear in front of you that Chhattisgarh has become the first state to announce OPS. Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has announced to restore the old pension scheme in one of his speeches. In this sequence in Jharkhand and Rajasthan. It has also been decided to restore OPS i.e. Old Pension Scheme. The government is there, the CM is Bhagwant Mann, here the Congress has also given its statement.

That if the people give a chance to the Congress to form the government in the assembly elections of Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat, then the old pension scheme will be implemented there first.

Old Pension Scheme central government employees 2022

As you know that many government employees are adamant about the restoration of the old pension scheme, they are of the view that the new pension scheme ie NPS is not better than the old pension scheme ie OPS. Was abolished in December 2003 and replaced OPS with NPS i.e. NPS came into existence from 1st April 2004. Here let us make it clear to you once that in the old pension scheme, 50 percent of the salary received by the employee at the time of retirement was received as pension and the cost of this entire pension used to come in the gym of the government.

Latest news on Old Pension Scheme 2022

Many economists have said that if the old pension scheme was restored, then there would have been a big financial crisis on the government, due to which NPS was brought in place of OPS. NPS is a contributory pension scheme, under which employees get 10 percent of their basic salary as pension. has to be given as a contribution and 14 percent of the government contributes, thus the total contribution is 24 percent and this 24 percent contribution money is deposited with PFRDA .

From where PFRDA invests this money and when government employees If he retires, he gets 60 percent of the amount tax-free in lump sum and 40 percent of the money is converted into annuity and gets a month wise pension.

Old pension OPS Yojana 2022

In the year 2003, the BJP government had completely abolished the old pension scheme, because they knew that under the old pension scheme, there could be a huge crisis in the economy, like talking about Punjab, a huge pension of Rs 11000 crores in Punjab. There is a bill that drains money like water in Punjab. It is a matter of time that Punjab has so much debt when 19 years have passed since the end of the old pension scheme. If the old pension scheme was still restored, then I don’t know the state of Punjab.

What would have happened now? There is still a debt of Rs 263000 crore left on Punjab and the electricity subsidy bill of Rs 18500 crore is also on a continuous rise, it is estimated that in the coming few years it will cross Rs 25000 crore also.

FAQs related Old pension Scheme latest news 2022

Que 1 What is the meaning of OPS and NPS?

Ans. OPS stands for Old Pension Scheme, and NPS stands for New Pension Scheme.

Que 2 How big is the pension bill in Punjab ?

Ans. Punjab has a hefty pension bill of Rs 11000 crore.

Que 3 When did the BJP government at the Center abolish the Old Pension Scheme?

Ans. The old pension scheme was abolished by the BJP government at the Center in December 2003.

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